Contact me anonymously

Would you rather contact me anonymously? That's possible! Below you'll find some (safe and secure) ways to reach me.

Is anonimity not a neccessity? Check out my homepage for other contact details.

📧 Protonmail

The easiest way to reach me securely and anonymously, is using Protonmail, an e-mail service based in Switzerland. In most cases, Protonmail is sufficiently secure. Proton has written a blogpost with use-cases for their service.

If possible, please use the Tor-browser when creating an anonymous Protonmail-account.
After you've done that, send your message to:

Tip: Protonmail has a separate, optional website specifically for the Tor-browser: https://protonirockerxow.onion/

Do note that you cannot open this link using a 'regular' webbrowser like Chrome or Firefox.


If you'd like, you can use PGP to encrypt the contents of your e-mail. This provides an extra layer of protection, which can be vital if you're sharing sensitive information.

You can encrypt your message using your prefered software, like Gpg4win for Windows or GPG Suite for macOS. This way, you can be sure that your message will only be read by me.

You can either view or download my public key. I'm also on Keybase.

Fingerprint: F824 72E9 5EA3 6515 2BF6 F05D B206 56DE 8FEA 2263

If you want me to reply to your e-mail using PGP-encryption, please include your public key in the contents of your e-mail as plain text.

📞 Phone

Naturally, you can reach me by phone:

+31 (0)6 2604 5919

This number also works with Signal (more secure) and WhatsApp.

Messages via Signal and WhatsApp will only be checked sporadically on this number. However, feel free to send me a heads-up via e-mail!

Pro-tip: it might be a good idea to use a prepaid simcard (bought with cash) if privacy is a concern.

📫 Other

I'm also on the following services:


Wire: @daanvanmonsjou

Wickr: @daanvanmonsjou

📰 Want to contact Tweakers?

Would you like to leak information to Tweakers specifically? Feel free to use Publeaks. This is a Dutch platform whistleblowers can use to safely and anonymously leak information to the press.

You'll find instructions on the website of Publeaks. Follow these with care, and select Tweakers as a recipient. Your message will find its way to the right person. Sadly, this website is only available in Dutch.