Want to contact me anonymously and/or got tips? Below you'll find some (safe and secure) ways to reach me!

📧 Proton Mail

The easiest way to reach me securely and anonymously, is using Proton Mail, an e-mail service based in Switzerland. In most cases, Protonmail is sufficiently secure. Proton has written a blogpost with use-cases and limitations for their service.

If possible, please use the Tor-browser when creating an anonymous Protonmail-account.

After you've done that, send your message to:

Tip: Protonmail has a separate website specifically for use with the Tor browser: https://protonirockerxow.onion/

Do note that you cannot open this link using a 'regular' webbrowser like Chrome or Firefox.

📞 Signal

You can also reach me via Signal, a secure and end-to-end encrypted messaging app. You can use the number below to send me a message.

+31 (0)6 2513 7455

Naturally, you can also call this number, or shoot me a message via WhatsApp.

📰 Want to contact Tweakers?

Would you like to leak information to Tweakers specifically? Feel free to use Publeaks. This is a Dutch platform whistleblowers can use to safely and anonymously leak information to the press.

You'll find instructions on the website of Publeaks. Follow these with care, and select Tweakers as a recipient. Your message will find its way to the right person. Sadly, this website is only available in Dutch.